Welcome to our Traditional Windmill in Paros!!

Here we are in the splendidly beautiful island of Paros, in the picturesque and magnificent village of Lefkes, where our Windmill 7,50 m high, was built in the middle of  18th century.

The Windmill has worked for many years, grinding the wheat of the villagers, giving them the precious bread during those difficult years, until the middle of 20th century, when it was mortally wounded by a thunder. 

After that, the windmill, which was giving life to all the peasants, ceased its work.

Today, 150 years after, we have renovated it in order to pay homage to that stony-ghost of the Aegean Sea, converting it to a monument of historical and cultural significance and retrospection;

We try at the same time to pay a tribute to all those who worked and lived by its working wombs. 

Windmill as a...house!

The windmill is built up of huge stones forming its exterior wall of 120 cm thick, which embrace round-around its inner space.

Since 2000 it is renovated to a small, two floor, four meters diameter house.